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From Nantwich to Oxygen

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From 14/08/2019 to 26/10/2019

Nantwich Museum, Pillory Street, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 5BQ

Developed with support from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the exhibition focuses on the life of this famous scientist, theologian and teacher who lived and worked for a time in Nantwich. The exhibition forms part of 2019's International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements celebrations. Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen and was a dissenting minister in Nantwich, where he established a school in which he taught a variety of subjects including science or "Natural Philosophy" as it was known at the time. His pupils were introduced to scientific equipment and experiments and historians have suggested that Priestley’s scientific teachings in Nantwich constituted the first ever science lessons. During his time in Nantwich, he wrote an English Grammar, and he is still recognised as a major figure in the study of English by today’s teachers and students of linguistics. He made significant contributions in the fields of religion and political philosophy emerging as an important, though controversial, international figure and man of the Enlightenment. Soon after Priestley discovered oxygen in 1774, the Periodic Table, a display of chemical elements arranged according to their properties, came into being and today includes 118 elements. The Museum's Craft Group has embroidered a copy of the Table, which will form a unique feature of the exhibition. The role and importance of oxygen, the 23rd element to be discovered, will be a key component of the exhibition. The exhibition will feature an element trail, workshops for children, a Periodic Table-themed Coffee Morning, a drop-in family friendly event and a half-day series of talks.

Kate Dobson

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until Saturday 26 October


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